Solar control

Solar Control Glass products are in high demand for today’s building design.

With a combination of double-glazing and special glass coatings, it is now possible to improve solar gain coefficient performance, reduce condensation, and provide better comfort in an indoor environment all while offering cost savings. Used with other green building methods and materials, these products are the preferred choice for a brighter, sustainable future.

Energy efficiency
and modernity

Adapt E-Glass

Cristacurva offers the most advanced technology in solar control glass. Adapt-E-Glass, a glass type whose performance is auto controlled by the sun in order to accommodate the end user. Imagine a glass that provides solar control according to the position of the sun. Adapt-E-Glass darkens and adapts to the sun’s position in preventing unwanted radiant energy and excessive glare from entering the building. And as the glass cools down, it continues its hue shifting behavior automatically clearing up providing true intelligent/automatic solar and glare control.

CurvaSmart XIR®

CurvaSmart delivers a high-performance glazing solution; a smart safety product which maintains ideal levels of occupant comfort by reducing the amount of heat transferred through a curved piece of glass – all without compromising the appearance of the façade. CurvaSmart laminated glass panels incorporate XIR®, a solar protective interlayer, to create a laminated safety glass product that selectively reflects incoming invisible heat while allowing most visible light to pass through the glass


Cristacurva has now incorporated robotic manufacturing techniques and a further advanced thermal performing spacer to create Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) offering superior benefits. Smartech-IG Units have aesthetically appealing sightlines and heighten any building façade design. Produced in our Houston facility, Smartech-IG offers larger size formats, improved quality and enhanced performance creating better environments.

Smartech-IG 3

The Smartech-IG 3 product line derives from robotic engineering methods combined with a cutting-edge thermal performing spacer to create Insulated glass units (IGU) with advanced benefits to any structure or building design. Produced in our state of the art Houston facility, Smartech-IG 3 incorporates three panes of glass and two air or argon filled spacers offering larger glass units with value-added quality and superior performance to create the best working environments designed in today’s market.




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